Ephrata aerobatic box

(For aerobatic box opening hours, see Schedule.)

The Ephrata box is fully and permanently marked with poured concrete.  Larry James single-handedly refinished all of the marks with a fresh coat of paint in the summer of 2014.

The X-axis runs predominantly north-south and is aligned with runway 3-21.  The judging line is along the closed southeast-northwest runway, west of the “T” mark.  More often than not, the wind through the box is from the south.

As the box lies within 4 miles of an airway centerline, an FAA waiver must be in effect before aerobatics may be flown here.  The box must be opened and closed by a Chapter 67 club member, and each pilot using the box must first read and sign the waiver.  We intend to open the box for practice on the morning of Wednesday, June 21 at the latest, however this is dependent on our receipt of a practice waiver from FAA.

Any mention of the Ephrata box would be incomplete without acknowledging the constant support of the Port of Ephrata and airport manager Mike Wren.  For over 30 years, we in Chapter 67 have been immensely grateful for everything they’ve done for our club and for competition aerobatics at Ephrata Municipal Airport.

(The photograph below is old!  Runway 2-20, depicted here, is now runway 3-21.  It was rebuilt 5 years ago and is now shorter and narrower than shown.  See the newer oblique photo at the bottom of this page.  Check latest charts, Airport Facility Directory, and other publications for the most current information.)

Below you’ll see the rebuilt runway 3-21, the new glider runway 4-22, and the approach end of runway 11.